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Construction Management is all about logistics and relationships. Overseeing as many as 30 separate trade subcontractors in addition to coordinating with building users, municipalities, and regulatory agencies requires a consistent, organized approach. You can rely on Oelrich Construction to deliver responsive, excellent service despite these many moving parts.

Relationships are built on trust and results.  We’re more than a builder–we’re an extension of our client’s team. Whether the project takes three months or two years, we’re actively invested in doing everything possible to make the job a long-term success. At Oelrich Construction, going the extra mile can mean…

  • Scheduling concrete pours at 3:30 a.m. to minimize impact to building occupants
  • Speeding up design development time through real-time BIM cost estimating
  • Taking monthly construction progress time-lapse photos
  • Preparing interactive as-builts with 360 degree photos of critical in-wall components
  • Hosting on-site, construction document visualization meetings with the user group to verify electrical outlet locations and test material samples
  • Filming on-site, equipment training videos tailored to the needs of facilities operations and maintenance staff

Our firm is an accomplished Construction Manager, Design-Builder, and General Contractor. Regardless of contract delivery method, we provide the same high-quality customer service.  When you see an Oelrich hardhat on site you can count on:

Strict Adherence to Jobsiteand Stakeholder Safety

Your OSHA-30 accredited field superintendent is responsible for protecting the safety of all trade subcontractors, building tenants, and the general public. Before each project commences, he identifies potential hazards such as traffic or fall zones, and creates a site utilization strategy to keep stakeholders out of harm’s way. This project-specific operating procedure is communicated to all stakeholders prior to groundbreaking. Our field superintendents host biweekly “toolbox safety talks” with all onsite workers to highlight safety techniques and best practices. Our professional team has specialized training in hazardous waste management, highway traffic safety, and more.

Attentive QualityControl

During construction, your field superintendent will ensure the fit and finish of each building component. He will perform all system start up sequences with the appropriate building commissioning agent before closeout begins. A sample quality assurance check would involve testing questions like: Is the flooring substrate installed at the proper elevation? Are window seals installed properly to prevent any moisture intrusion? Was the concrete properly poured and jointed to prevent cracking? Is the paint finish smooth and consistent?

Streamlined DesignDocument Management

We utilize Procore’s leading construction project management software to maintain design documents, project scheduling, budget, and technical documents. This cloud-based platform is optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets for easy access in the field and on the go. All owner representatives will have access to Procore at all times during the project. Clients have daily visibility of all pending RFI’s, photos, documents, scheduling, as-built drawings, progress reports, and more.


Our team specializes in providing proactive Construction Manager At-Risk (CM-at-Risk) services. By entering a project at the beginning of the design development process, we can provide constructability reviews, value engineering recommendations, and guarantee that the project design does not exceed the client’s budget. Clients benefit from preconstruction services, fast-tracked project scheduling, reduced risk, increased transparency, vested responsibility, and value-added coordination. Our team aligns the project schedule with client deadlines by identifying opportunities for time savings.

As CM-at-Risk, we provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) upfront. CM-At-Risk accounting is transparent and “open book.” We lead a competitive bidding process upfront ensuring a fair and reasonable price for all building divisions, ranging from sitework to mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) systems. Once the project breaks ground, our experienced field superintendents supervise jobsite logistics, ensuring that all materials are installed properly, all safety regulations are met, and that the overall project is completed on time. Consistent collaboration from project design through construction eliminates scope holes, solves ambiguities, optimizes resources, and ultimately results in a more successful project that achieves client needs and exceeds expectations. Example CM-At-Risk portfolio projects include Depot Park and SW 13th Street Helyx Bridge.

The Design-build (DB) contract delivery method is ideal for clients who prefer a more integrated team. Traditional contracting (or design-bid-build) splits services into multiple separate contracts for the architect, engineering consultants, builder, and subcontractors. Design-Build projects present all services unified under one roof, known as single-source responsibility. Clients benefit from more streamlined delivery, reduced risk, and decreased administrative time. In this contract delivery method, we hire and manage the project’s architect/engineer in addition to managing all jobsite skilled trade contractors. As the design builder, we lead design charrettes to ensure that the final building design accomplishes all user group needs. Once the design and construction documents are complete, we develop a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) based on the best value. After buyout, we supervise daily field operations, manage jobsite safety, and ensure that the project is completed on-schedule. Example Design-Build portfolio projects include UF Health Family Medicine Office at Haile Plantation and UF Veterinary Medicine Clinical Techniques and Skills Assessment Laboratory.

The general contracting process takes place after all construction documents are complete. The client typically selects a contract based on the lowest responsive bid–this process is typically “closed book.” We contract out the project’s building divisions, supervise daily field operations, manage jobsite safety, and ensure that the project is completed on-schedule. General Contracting is also known as Design-Bid-Build contracting. This delivery method is ideal for clients who prefer linear project development and one construction bid package. Example General Contracting portfolio projects include Alachua County Fire Station #10 and Victory Pointe Park.

The Job Order Contracting (JOC) contract delivery method is ideal for clients with significant minor recurring maintenance, repair, and renovating projects. Clients are able to substantially eliminate the time, expense, and paperwork involved with procuring each minor project individually by awarding multiple facility or roadwork improvement projects to a pool of prequalified contractors upfront. Our team applies a standardized, fixed-price estimating method to a pre-defined number of project elements. Each project is assigned a maximum value with a market-rate bid adjustment factor that accounts for labor rates, overhead, and other market impacts. JOC projects tend to be long-term, multiyear contract relationships. The JOC process is referred to as indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contracting (IDIQ) in federal procurement environments.



Capital projects are built to last. This ground-up transformation is most visible from the air. We offer aerial and timelapse photography services to document each client’s unique building progress for years to come. These photos provide a powerful, permanent record of construction progress. High-resolution construction images support several use cases including: land surveying, quality assurance, 3D modeling, time-lapse videos, marketing materials, and more.


Integrating energy efficiency and water conservation concepts into your facility can significantly decrease long-term operational costs. The U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)’s Version 4 requirements require significant upfront planning and documentation. Our experienced LEED Accredited Professionals and LEED Green Associates have successfully completed a variety of LEED building projects ranging from fire rescue stations to college residence halls.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is transforming and modernizing facilities management for many clients around the world. New projects that are designed in BIM are benefiting from the space visualization for end users, 3-D visualization for clash detection, 4-D project scheduling model of the completed facility exactly as-built; and improved maintenance via Computer Modeling. Our in-house BIM Coordinator is accomplished at manipulating, updating, and developing Revit/NavisWorks projects.

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I would like to HIGHLY recommend Oelrich Construction. The level of customer service that we received during our project was way beyond excellent. Oelrich listened to our ideas; presented a plan with an estimate within our budget; and then executed the plan.

I am so appreciative of the level of customer service that Oelrich provided. We will be using Oelrich Construction for all of our construction needs.

Elaine C. Almond,

President of Alpha Chi Omega Housing Corporation